Lately I seem to be describing my work falling into two categories, things I love to make and things I have to make.  The first category is easy, I am in love with the material. Like many glass artists I am a slave to the substance, the way it behaves and looks, the way it demands and gets my full attention whenever I work with it.  I love to work with the material, therefore whatever I am making brings with it a genuine feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  The second category is harder to define but equally important. The work I cant help but make are the ideas that won't let me sleep, the ideas that have me drifting off in conversations to my own world of redesigning and problem solving.  It's the repeated execution of the simple shape that seems to inhabit every page of my sketchbook at the time.  It's exploring ideas over technique, and the struggles that come with that process. These two worlds often interact and I bounce back and forth constantly.

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