Sidney Hutter was born in Champaign, Illinois, on September 17, 1954. From his Newton, Massachusetts studio, Sidney designs and fabricates original, sculptural glass vessels.

Each piece is created using sophisticated and refined processes for cutting, polishing and laminating commercially available plate glass. Throughout the years Sidney has developed a unique design style - influenced and cultivated from his passion for art and architecture and melded with an interest in the commercial glass and adhesive technology industries.  He adapts information, materials, and equipment into a unique studio practice.  Over the years his art forms and studio practices have contributed greatly to the Contemporary Glass Art Movement.

With a combined use of rough or highly polished glass surfaces, along with specialized pigmented adhesives, Sidney creates three-dimensional sculptural objects in which the intersection of form, glass, color and light unite to create works of art with an amazing and ever-changing spectrum of color, reflection, and refraction. 

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