April 15 – May 13, 2017

Press Release

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 15th 6pm - 8pm

Chesterfield Gallery is pleased to present Lit!, a group exhibition of works by Chris Ahalt, Hamm Brushland, Jake C, David Colton, John Gordon Gauld, Sergio Garcia, Yoshinori Kondo, Joseph Martinez, Robert Mickelsen, CalM, Adam Miller, Naturel, and See One.

The show is comprised of works spanning a wide array of mediums including painting, sculpture, and digital art. While the methodology varies greatly from artist-to-artist, this exhibition explores a common thread: a discussion on marijuana and its place in current American culture, as each artist confronts history, society, and self, reinterpreting and challenging the preconceived notions on the subject.

Lit! underscores the transition of perception of marijuana use from marginal to mainstream, undistinguished to dignified. It aims to act as a survey of marijuana’s role in American art by highlighting its place among other significant Americana and contemporary art. As such, Renaissance style paintings with modern subject matter bridge the gap from old to new while pipes traditionally used for smoking are elevated to elegant sculptures.

Join us on Saturday, April 15th 6-8pm for the opening of this thought-provoking new exhibition at Chesterfield Gallery.

For press inquiries, please contact Simon Abrahms at (860) 539-2520 or 

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